PDK's First (and only) Professional Association chapter that resides completely online
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Phi Delta Kappa International
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
(PDKWUCC)  1997 - 2017

Phi Delta Kappa International 
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
 1997 - 2015

Member Spotlight

PDKWUCC membership body extends the globe!  Our chapter is represented in 22 US states and 4 countries

Dr. January Baker
New Jersey

Dr. Baker is a recent doctoral graduate of Walden University.  Her dissertation explores the shift in student demographics and the learning preferences of today's college students.  Dr. Baker is an online instructor at Southern New Hampshire University, Concordia Online Education, and her alma mater, La Salle University.


Dave Harms

Dave Harms is a very active member ofPDKWUCC, with 13 years of tenure.   Dr. David Harms was the 2014 OCSS Social Studies Teacher of the Year, the 2013 ITSE/ OTIP Technology Using Teacher of the Year, a runner up for 2010 Ohio Teacher of the Year, and the 2009 Penta Career Center Teacher of the Year. He incorporates innovative technology based instructional methods and is an instructional technology leader at both Penta Career Center and Lourdes University. 

Harms has presented STEM, technology, and Social Studies instructional presentations at Local, State, and National Conferences. Harms earned his PhD in Educational Technology at Walden University. His dissertation was entitled, “Positive and Negative Experiences of Career Technical Secondary Students in Online Courses.” Harms serves as a Network Regional leader for both Social Studies, and Technology at the Ohio Department of Education. He is also a member of the American Government Content Advisory Committee. 

Harms serves as an educational advisor at the University of Toledo for a National Science Federation project entitled “Advancing Geospatial Thinking and Technology in Grades 9-12: Citizen Mapping, Community Engagement, and Career Preparation in STEM.” Additionally, Harms teaches online, hybrid, and traditional courses at Lourdes University. Dr. Harms is the president of the Toledo, Ohio chapter of PDK  and an established musician.  

 Dr. Winston Murray

Shawna Ebbeson
Cedar Rapids, IA

Shawna has been a member of PDKWUCC since 2012.  She is on her second term as president of PDKWUCC and brings with her a diversity of skills in leadership, communication, early childhood and adult education, marketing, and is now a published author as well.

Shawna has been engaging young children for over 30 years. She has authored curriculum for children from birth through 6th grade, as well as college-level courses in Family Child Care concentration for Penn Foster’s CDA Prep course. She has supported early childhood professionals and non-professionals through webinars, seminars, and Online courses.

She is the founder of Ebbeson YOUniversity (Ebb YOU) with the primary mission to engage young learners where innovation, creativity, and learning connect. She operated a family child care program for over 8 years and developed the curricula for multiple age groups attending her  program.  She has also developed and implemented customized homeschooling curriculum from Kindergarten through 4th grade for her youngest child.  She has earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Studies and a graduate certificate in Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field with graduate coursework in digital marketing and leadership. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Early Childhood Education at Walden University.

When not working, Shawna loves spending time with her children, doing what matters most to them. Shawna currently lives with her husband and youngest of 5 children in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Dr. Marylin Simon

Dr. Simon been involved in mathematics and computer education since 1969, and research and teaching in the humanities, social sciences, education, business, and health since 1990. She received outstanding faculty awards at several universities. Dr. Simon has published numerous books on mathematics education, scholarly research, chaos theory, high-stakes test preparation, and online learning. Dr. Simon has written several books.  Her first non-scholarly book, WEHT (What Ever Happened To?), was published in 2013 and received recognition from the San Diego literary society. WEHT is about finding long-lost friends through virtual networking. Dr. Simon has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. She is the president and co-founder of Best-Prep Inc., an educational consulting firm. Dr. Simon has successfully mentored hundreds of doctoral students. Her book Dissertation & Scholarly Research: Recipes for Success is in use at several public and private universities. She was a mathematics education ambassador to South Africa in 2000. Dr. Simon has conducted postdoctoral research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. She is the president of the board of directors of Responsibility, a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of children who live in and near municipal garbage dumps in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Simon has taught at Walden since 1988 and became a Walden faculty member in 1990.

Dr. Andre Elliott
Okinowa, Japan

I am a father with two sons and a wife of 20 years, living in Japan. Throughout my adult years, I have been an educator at the elementary and collegiate levels of academia. As a professional educator, I have guided and facilitated learning at schools in Japan, Italy, South Korea and the Philippines. 

As a life member in Phi Delta Kappa International, I was the first to say, “Let PDK be in Cyberspace” during my first year in Walden University’s Ph.D. program for educators. With the steadfast support of Walden University’s leadership, staff and students, the club was established in 1997 and attained full chapter status in the year 2000.

I am an honor graduate of Birmingham-Southern College and Alabama A & M University where I completed the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, respectively. In 2003, I completed the Ph.D. in education at Walden University. 

I was able to envision PDK in cyberspace due to my extensive background in various leadership roles in Phi Delta Kappa chapters and Phi Delta Kappa International. At the chapter level in Tokyo, Japan I served as treasurer, research representative, newsletter editor, membership chair, vice-president and president. Beyond the chapter level, I served as a regional leader in PDK, thus gaining significant experiences such that when I enrolled as a student in Walden University, I saw a need and simply enacted its fulfillment with the support of many scholars.

As an educator, I have been awarded numerous performance awards and recognized as teacher of the year at the Sullivans School, Yokosuka, Japan during my years as a music specialist. I have been honored as a teacher volunteer of the year for service in the community. while teacher elementary education. I am a composer and arranger and lyricist and currently teacher elementary music. I have also been a school administrators. 

When I was an elementary school student, I recall winning the school wide spelling bee. Both of my sons, also, won school wide spelling bees in elementary and middle school, respectively. Focus is paramount. I remain an educator who enjoys the opportunities and challenges concomitant with the life of an educator.