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Phi Delta Kappa International
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
(PDKWUCC)  1997 - 2017

Phi Delta Kappa International 
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
 1997 - 2015


The Journal of Educational Practice for Social Change (JEPSC)

The Journal of Educational Practice for Social Change (JEPSC) is a publication by PDK Walden University Chapter Cyberspace Chapter. The Journal provides members access to research in education affecting positive social change. The publication is provided at no cost to our readers since we value open communications among educators and researchers.



The Journal of Educational Practice for Social Change (JEPSC) is a peer-reviewed international journal with an integrated view of philosophical, historical, and sociological issues in education and the belief that good education theory should be taken to practice to promote positive social change. Submissions are requested from researchers, scholars and practitioners with work focused on social sciences.

Submitted manuscripts need to adhere to the 6th edition of the APA style and should be between 3,500 and 4,000 words in length. Editorial decisions are usually rendered in two to three weeks after submission of original work. The reviews will be blinded and comments will be returned along with the decision whether or not the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

The Journal is published on October 31st each year and the latest submission date is October 1st. Please send the manuscripts to:[email protected]

The Editorial Team