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Phi Delta Kappa International
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
(PDKWUCC)  1997 - 2017

Phi Delta Kappa International 
Walden University Cyberspace Chapter
 1997 - 2015

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Infusing Brain-based strategies in 21st century learning
Session 1                                                      9am CDT

Dr. Lisset Pickens

This presentation discusses 5 main components of a highly effective learning environment.

About the presenter:

Dr. Pickens grew up in the Caribbean and now lives in Atlanta, GA.  She teaches in the Masters program at Walden University. She has been teaching in higher education since 2006. Dr. Pickens holds an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education, M.Ed in School Counseling and Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership.   She is also the author of  "A Guide to Implementing a Successful Mentoring Program in a K-12 Setting", now available on Amazon.com

Setting Limits: Are you inadvertently reinforcing challenging behavior?
Session 2                                            11am CDT

Shawna Ebbeson, M.S.

This session addresses 3 common practices that inadvertently reinforce negative behavior.  Educators will learn how children learn and identify the two ways in which adults communicate boundaries with children.  We will then explore ways in which strategies can be applied to effectively and successfully set limits while building trust and nurturing the relationship with the child(ren).

Boosting quality through effecive self-assessment
Session 3                                                1pm CDT


Standards alone do not boost the quality of a child care program.  Consistent, appropriate, effective practice and assessments go a long way to increase the level of quality a program provides.

In this one-hour webinar, we will look at the partnership between standards, practice, and assessment.  We will discuss, in broad terms, the ways in which each element supports or hinders quality. Finally, we will highlight critical questions an assessment should answer and practices that will boost the quality of care Standards alone do not boost the quality of a child care program. Consistent, appropriate, effective practice and assessments go a long way to increase the level of quality a program provides.

Say What? Professional communication for a digital world
Session 4                                                             3pm CDT

Shawna Ebbeson, Ed.D. candidate

Topic synopsis:  

Assists teachers in ensuring that the degree of depth/complexity of knowledge presented to students matches the standard in assessment items.

Shawna has over 30 years' experience in child development and education.  She holds a Bachelors degree in organizational communication and is a doctoral candidate of education at Walden University.  Shawna actively speaks at Professional Conferences around the United States .  Shawna is a frequent presenter for virtual professional development webinars with Penn Foster,PDKWUCC, as well as independently as an early childhood consultant.

Week of the Young Child:
Student Symposium
The voice of a digital native
Session 5                                                  5pm CDT

Kylie Ebbeson, 3rd Grader

Topic synopsis: 

This webinar honors "The Week of the Young Child" from NAEYC.org and puts forward the proposal of PDKWUCC adopting a Student Symposium.  


Kylie just finished her 2nd grade year and looks forward to being home-schooled in 3rd grade.  She loves art and math, but thinks hand writing is obsolete in today's world.  Is she right?  Find out what other thoughts she has on current education practices.  Do her opinions reflect the norm of children her age?  Under the guidance of her mom (PDKWUCC's president, Shawna Ebbeson), Kylie took a poll of  2nd and 3rd graders in three Cedar Rapids public schools  to find out.


Shawna Ebbeson has over 30 years experience in child development and education, including operating a family daycare as well as licensed center experience.  She is an early childhood consultant and professional development speaker.  Shawna has earned a Masters degree in Childhood Studies and post masters certificates in Teaching Adults in ECE, Digital Marketing, and begins her doctoral journey in June, 2015.

Making a successful career change
Session 6                                              8pm

Donna Kjellander, MBA

Topic synopsis:

This webinar focuses on the who, what, when, where, and how to make a successful career change.  Whether you are looking to advance in your current workplace, or move into a new discipline entirely, Donna Kjellander will equip you with tools and tips to make the most informed decisions.


Donna Kjellander teaches courses in Marketing, Human Resources, Business, Communications and Leadership along with being a Life Coach in regards to job searching, resume writing and interviewing skills. Donna also specializes in Social Media and how to integrate into your business to grow your customer audience. Donna has her BS in eBusiness Mangement, MBA with specializations in Human Resources and Marketing, she is working on a PsyD in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. She has spent over 20 years in the Automotive industry working in Training & Education, Human Resources and Marketing. Donna has been educating adults for well over 30 years utilizing a variety of medians from classroom to online to hybrid. Donna is a small business owner selling handmade artesian products. Donna currently resides in Texas with her husband, plus her furry children, Scooby and Stitch.

Virtual Professional Development Fair's Overseas Session Streams
(all times are GMT - 5:00 or CDT)

stream session 1   

Will stream live June 13th 11pm (CDT)

Student Symposium: Teaching the "Net Gen" with Jordan McGuire Stream session 2

Will stream live June 14th at 1am (CDT)

Self Care Recorded stream session 3

Will stream live June 14th at 3am (CDT)

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PHI DELTA KAPPA is an international organization of professional educators. Our mission is to promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life.
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Phi Delta Kappa Walden University Cyberspace Chapter (PDKWUCC) is an honor society, providing membership to the first (and only) CYBERSPACE chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, established by charter in 1997. 

Our cyberspace chapter began broadcasting live webinars in March 2015 and is hosting a Professional Development Fair for ALL members of PDK. Proposals are now being accepted for webinar presenters and webinar content suggestions.  Visit the Call for Proposals page and submit your suggestions or interest in presenting for the chapter now

Though sponsored by Walden University, professional educators from other affiliations are also welcome. Interested in joining us? Click "Membership"  and watch the video on how to become a member of Walden University Cyberspace Chapter.  

More webinars, videos, and web content will be coming soon detailing the many  benefits of chapter membership.  While you wait, take a look at our chapter's own Journal for Educational Practice and Social Change.  This is highly acclaimed benefit of membership with and exclusive to the Walden University Cyberspace Chapter.